Chimney Cleaning Time

It’s springtime…why do I need a professional chimney cleaning when I am no longer using my fireplace for the season? Burning wood over the season creates residue buildup in your fireplace chimney or the chimney flue. This buildup is creosote a hardened glaze that is highly flammable. Over time creosote is a serious fire hazard.

What to expect from a Chimney Cleaning

A chimney sweep shines a light inside your fireplace and up the chimney to ensure the firebrick is in good condition. Using special bristled brushes, the firebox, flue and chimney is then cleaned, removing soot, debris, and residue and vacuumed with a high-powered specialty vacuum.

After what to expect…

After the chimney sweep has finished cleaning, then it is possible to see if the firebrick has any cracks or missing mortar. The chimney sweep will also inspect the spark arrestor at the top of your fireplace, any flashing, siding, crown, cap, surrounding or atop the chimney. You should be given a thorough chimney inspection report which will provide safety information and concerns for your review. The report should offer a visual understanding of your fireplace and chimney with an illustration and may include a picture as well as discovered issues or recommended repairs.

And last, the report would provide an estimate for the labor and materials of the recommended repairs.

Other Reasons to Consider Chimney Sweeps in the Spring

1. Most professional chimney sweeps offer seasonal discounts.

2. Sealing off your fireplace or chimney flue during the off season may be a good idea to keep any early spring cool weather from drafting inside your home, creating cold spots and increasing the cost of your heating bill. Sealing your fireplace or flue during the summer will also keep your cooling costs lower as it prevents your air conditioning from cooling the outside!

3. Many professional chimney sweeps are also certified in dryer vent cleanings. Approximately $90 million annually in damages from fires caused by hazardous dryer vents has been reported by the authorities. If your clothes or towels are still damp after the drying cycle has completed, it would be a good idea to have your dryer vent cleaned.

4. By cleaning and repairing in the early off-season, you may prevent animals from finding their way into your chimney. But if you find a critter in your chimney, many professional chimney sweeps have partnered with a special animal removal service.

5. With spring we have more rain and homes can start to leak, a chimney inspection will find the leak! We’ve received many calls from customers who invested in having their home entirely re-roofed then learned the problem stemmed from a leak in the chimney rather than the roof.

To keep the water and animals out, most times, there are very easy solutions such as installing flashing, a chimney cap, wire mesh, custom-made rain pans, or applying specialized heat-resistant chimney products, some with a 15-year warranty.

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